Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro

€ 35,00


The Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro is the ultimate self contained live studio cameras!

There are two models of the Blackmagic Studio Camera, so you can choose the one best for the work you do. Even with two different models, each camera still has the same imaging specifications, so have the same look when mixed and matched on the same job. The distinctive design has the benefits of a large studio camera because it’s a combination of camera and viewfinder in a single lightweight design. Both models feature gain from -12dB (100 ISO) up to +36dB (25,600 ISO) for amazing low light performance with low image grain and noise, as well as maximum dynamic range from the sensor. That means you can shoot in locations with limited lighting. Both models even have built in colour correctors!

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro

Designed for powerful SDI switchers, Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro adds professional 12G-SDI and 10G Ethernet connections. That’s perfect when the camera is located a long distance from a switcher. There’s a 12G-SDI output and a 12G-SDI program return input that includes camera control, talkback and tally. You also get the same powerful HDMI output with control features. Plus the 10G Ethernet connection allows all connections on a single cable for a SMPTE style workflow that’s much lower cost.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate

Blackmagic Studio Cameras are built from advanced carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate, so they are light weight and very strong. That’s important when you are carrying multiple cameras into venues such as old theaters, stadiums or nightclubs that have crazy stairs and hard to access backstage areas. Plus the ergonomic design has all external connections on the tripod handle side of the camera. This design and the folding sunshade makes the cameras extremely fast to set up.

Highly Visible Tally Light

Blackmagic Studio Cameras have a large built in tally light to see which camera is on-air. The light is so big, you can see it from a great distance! Plus numeric decals are included so you can number each camera. There’s also a separate tally light on the rear under the sunshade, perfect when tilting the camera down. Tally is flexible as it works via SDI, HDMI or the Ethernet connection. When using Ethernet, the Blackmagic Studio Converter even includes conventional tally GPI inputs!

Large Built In Viewfinder

The design of the Blackmagic Studio Camera is based on an incredible full HD resolution viewfinder with a bright screen and wide viewing angle. Until now, only incredibly expensive studio cameras had the advantage of such a large viewfinder for better focusing and framing of shots! For outdoor use, there’s a sunshade included that folds up to protect the screen. This sunshade can also be easily unclipped and removed, or even replaced with the metal sunshade from the URSA Studio Viewfinder.

Touchscreen and Manual Controls

For fast moving live production, it’s vital to have all camera controls instantly accessible. The viewfinder LCD is also a touchscreen so you can access camera settings via on screen menus. You get knobs for LCD brightness and contrast, and a focus peaking knob lets you fine tune the focus highlighting for accurate camera focus. There’s also touch parameters for camera settings such as colour temp, gain, audio level and more. Plus there’s even a program return and customizable function buttons!

Popular Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount

As photographic lenses are designed to handle high resolutions and are mass produced, they’re great for high end television use. The MFT lens mount allows you to choose from a massive range of lenses from a wide range of different manufacturers. Often MFT lenses are so well built, you get broadcast style results combined with very accurate focus and zoom control. This means you can add the optional focus and zoom demands and use the camera just like a professional broadcast camera.

Both Broadcast and Consumer Connections

The Blackmagic Studio Cameras have been designed to look attractive but still provide all the connections in a logical lay out. The connections on the right are for all video inputs and outputs and this means they can be tied to the tripod handle. On the left side are the connections for your talkback, audio inputs, USB and more. That’s great for headphones as the connection on the camera is on the same side as the connection on the headphones, so you don’t have to deal with any cable tangles.

Includes Tripod Mount

Every Blackmagic Studio Camera includes a tripod mount so you don’t need to purchase any accessories. The mount includes a quick release sliding plate, so you can attach the camera to the tripod just by sliding it onto the plate. That makes setup very fast when arriving on location. Plus the tripod mount includes two horizontal mounting holes so you can add optional rails when you need to support heavy items on the lens side of the camera such as prompters, ND filters or heavy lenses.

DC, XLR or Ethernet Powered

The Blackmagic Studio Camera features a common plug pack power connection with a locking ring so it won’t get disconnected accidentally. On the Pro model, you can also connect via a 4 pin broadcast style XLR power connection, or if you use the Blackmagic Studio Converter to connect via Ethernet, the single Ethernet connection will also fully power the camera. That means when you use Ethernet, you don’t need to plug in any local camera power at all!